Wednesday, 23 April 2014

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Investment information through technological innovation
In today's offshore investment world, up-to-date, accurate information is critical for the effective management of your investments. Investing in the offshore marketplace offers expat investors a wide range of diverse opportunities.

As a Providence Life client, you will have access to a wealth of information on some of the most interesting mutual funds, portfolios and structured products available in the world today.
Offering secure access and information on hundreds of carefully selected funds and structured products, Providence Life Limited ("PLL") provides its clients with the ability to view a detailed valuation of their investment policies online.

This valuation will reflect their current holdings, up to date asset prices and performance and any cash movements which have taken place on their balance sheet.
Providence Life Limited offers a new paradigm in the personal portfolio investment space, designed specifically for expats living outside their country of domicile, who wish to invest cash lump sums, or transfer existing pensions, into a cost efficient offshore investment structure.

As a web-based life assurance company, Providence Life Limited offers products that are at the cutting edge of today's investment technology.